Farm Forestry Assist - Grant applications now open

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Farm Forestry Assist is a one-off grant for farmers and other landowners to plant pine trees on their land.
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Pine seedlings

The Forest Products Commission (FPC) provides successful applicants with high-quality radiata pine seedlings, free or discounted depending on volume, from the FPC nursery.

Established plantings have the capacity to diversify income, complement farm operations, provide landcare benefits, and support Western Australia’s vibrant softwood industry.

Farmers and landowners interested in establishing 20 to 50-hectare pine plantations on their properties are invited to apply.

Criteria addressing the location, scale, soil, access, and management of the plantations are in place to ensure that any resulting plantings have the capacity to help support our softwood industry.

For more information on the criteria and how to apply, please click here.