Former staff members are invited to attend an inaugural staff reunion event to be held on World Environment Day, 5 June 2024

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The staff reunion will celebrate the dedication, hard work and knowledge that forms the foundation of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. 
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“Our people are our most important asset, and we want to keep in touch with those who have contributed to our important work over the years,” said Dennis O’Reilly, Deputy Director General Strategy and Engagement.

“It would be a privilege to see a formal department alumni program grow from this social event,” said Dennis.

The reunion will be held on World Environment Day ‒ Wednesday 5 June ‒ at Perth City Farm, East Perth. The reunion offers former colleagues an opportunity to reconnect and learn more about the department’s latest initiatives.

Perth City Farm features historic buildings and vibrant public space on a previously contaminated site. It was selected as the venue because it reflects the department’s important work and the awareness day. 

“We hope this reunion will spark a new interest in the department from attendees and a desire to share their knowledge, experiences and memories with our current staff,” said Dennis.  

Former staff members who are interested in attending can visit the staff reunion webpage to find out more and register. Event registration is essential and closes on Sunday 5 May.