Improving small use gas and electricity customer protections

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Improved protections for gas and electricity customers will apply from 1 January 2023
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From 1 January 2023 improved regulatory protections for gas and electricity customers will come into effect. These improvements were identified in the review of the Energy Coordination (Customer Contracts) Regulations 2004 and the Electricity Industry (Customer Contracts) Regulations 2005.

The improvements create a modern, streamlined and consistent energy customer protection framework for customer contracts by:

  • improving regulatory certainty by removal of outdated references and duplication with other instruments;
  • minimising inconsistency between the customer protection arrangements for electricity and gas; and
  • delivering up to date customer protections, including modernising the administration of security deposits.

These improvements are the result of a lengthy consultation process that helped shape the new measures.

For more information see the Review of energy customer contract regulations webpage.

Page reviewed 29 June 2022