Law Reform Commission report calls for update of anti-discrimination laws

Public notice
The Law Reform Commission welcomes the tabling in State Parliament of its Final Report of the Review of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA).
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Final Report – Review of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984

The Report provides advice and recommendations that the Commission believes should be implemented to ensure that Western Australia has modern, fair and effective anti-discrimination laws.

The document has been informed by research and consultation with stakeholders as well as an analysis of anti-discrimination legislation in Australia and overseas.

As part of that consultation, the Commission received 995 written submissions and conducted seven online and in-person public consultation sessions.

This allowed broad engagement with a wide range of people, including individuals with protected attributes, industry groups, trade unions, discrimination advocacy groups and legal experts.

The information obtained enabled recommendations for reform that aim to meet the current and future needs of the WA community and align with best practice.

In making these recommendations the Commission acknowledges that the final decision on where the balance is struck between recognising competing rights lies with Government.

“We were honoured to have had the opportunity to complete the review into the Equal Opportunity Act,” Commission Chair the Hon Lindy Jenkins said.

“We’re particularly grateful for the members of the public who shared individual experiences of discrimination, harassment or victimisation, or who spoke of feeling unable to exercise their human rights, because of a personal characteristic,” she said.

“It is pleasing that the Attorney General has tabled the Report so the public can review its content and recommendations.

“The Commission hopes that its advice and recommendations will contribute to WA’s anti-discrimination laws continuing to support fair, respectful and equal treatment for all Western Australians.”


The Attorney General tabled in Parliament on 16 August 2022 the Final Report of Project 111 – Review of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA)