Mandatory COVID-19 isolation removed for positive cases and close contacts

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From today, mandatory COVID-19 isolation has been removed. All Western Australians are strongly encouraged to stay home if unwell.
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Public Service Announcement from the WA Government

Following an agreement at National Cabinet, the requirement for COVID-19 positive cases and their close contacts to isolate has been removed.

Anyone who is COVID-19 positive or experiencing symptoms is strongly encouraged to stay home until they have recovered.

COVID-19 positive cases or close contacts cannot visit public hospitals for 7 days.

Other rules may apply to high-risk settings, including private hospitals, aged care and disability care facilities. Each facility is able to determine their own isolation requirements, so speak to the relevant facility for more information.

It is important to continue healthy hygiene habits, including:

  • Washing or sanitising hands regularly
  • Wearing masks if required, if unwell, or if in crowded indoor spaces where you cannot physically distance
  • Staying up to date with vaccinations
  • Testing for COVID-19 if experiencing symptoms and staying home until symptoms resolve

The WA free RAT program continues to provide quick and effective COVID-19 tests to the community.

Free RATs are available at drive-through collection points, vaccination clinics, offices of Members of Parliament, regional testing clinics, and pop-ups at train stations and shopping centres.