New quarantine arrangements under WA’s controlled border

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Hotel quarantine changes have come into effect for double dose vaccinated travellers who test negative to COVID-19.
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Double dose vaccinated travellers who test negative for COVID-19 in hotel quarantine will be able to move to a suitable premises on day 8 to self-quarantine for the remainder of their 14 day quarantine period.

These travellers must record negative PCR results from tests on day one and six in hotel quarantine to be able to complete the remainder of their quarantine period in self-quarantine.

From day 8, once in self-quarantine, travellers must have a PCR test on days 9 and 12, and all members of their household, if any, will also be required to do a PCR test on day 12 of the traveller’s test.

If the traveller returns a positive PCR result for COVID-19 on day 9, members of their household, if any, will be required to have another PCR test on day 10.

All members of the household must self-quarantine and use the G2G Now app until the traveller’s 14 day quarantine period is completed.

Travellers will only be able to finish self-quarantine on day 14 if they, and the members of their household, if any, return a negative PCR test result on day 12.

These new quarantine arrangements will apply to international arrivals, and domestic travellers from ‘extreme’ risk jurisdictions.

These measures are based on health advice and will be reviewed regularly to reduce pressure and the risk in the state’s hotel quarantine system and protect the WA community.

Page reviewed 13 January 2022