Philanthropic Engagement Framework for Emergency Management

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Share your feedback on the Philanthropic Engagement Framework that outlines the principles for engagement to strengthen emergency management and the overall resilience of Western Australia.
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Emergency events are becoming increasingly severe and frequent, being driven in part by a changing climate. In response, there is growing acknowledgement that the effective and efficient management of emergencies across the emergency management spectrum (prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery [PPRR]) requires a whole-of-society approach.

Philanthropic and private organisations have the potential to enhance State and local emergency management capabilities and capacities through the provision of resources, people, and expertise. The growing importance and prominence of philanthropy in emergency management is also reflected at a Commonwealth level through efforts to further enhance and formalise arrangements between government and private/philanthropic actors.

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) is leading the design of a holistic approach to emergency management, with strategic emphasis on prevention and preparedness. The SEMC acknowledges the important role of philanthropic and private organisations in emergency management, and the need to work collaboratively with these sectors.

The Philanthropic Engagement Framework for Emergency Management provides guidance on the key issues to be considered when determining appropriate governance arrangements for public-private partnerships for emergency management across PPRR and will support increased collaboration between public and private sectors for an effective and efficient emergency management system.

SEMC is seeking your input on the Framework and other questions or comments you have in relation to the Framework.

Feedback can be provided via the Engage Emergency Management website.

The consultation period will remain open until 8 December 2023.