Preparing WA’s electricity system for EVs

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The Minster for Energy has released the Electric Vehicle Action Plan: Preparing WA’s electricity system for EVs.
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The world is rapidly electrifying transportation to reduce carbon emissions.

This has major implications for power grids globally, including here in Western Australia. Electric Vehicles (EVs) present a significant opportunity to the electricity system if their integration is well-managed. They can help smooth demand on the power system and improve overall network utilisation, which reduces costs for all consumers.

Conversely, uncoordinated EV charging could add to peak demand and power system costs.

There are major gains to be made for Western Australians from early and coordinated action supporting the integration of EVs.

The EV Action Plan provides an integrated set of actions designed to deliver a future where EVs contribute to a safe, reliable and efficient electricity system while accelerating our transition to a low-carbon future.

Download the plan, briefing presentation and recording from the online briefing on the EV Action Plan page.