Project Symphony is paving the way for our brighter energy future

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Project Symphony’s Virtual Power Plant offers a glimpse into the future of our power system. The project will demonstrate ways to make the most of our household solar, batteries, and appliances like pool pumps and air-conditioners.
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Project Symphony is a flagship project under the Western Australian Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Roadmap, which provides a blueprint for integrating these resources into the power system. The two-year pilot will test the ability of distributed energy resources to participate in energy markets alongside traditional power stations, unlocking value for customers and the power system.

Project Symphony is a $35.5 million project, funded by the Western Australian State Government ($19.3m), the Federal Government ($8.6m, allocated through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency – ARENA), and the Australian Energy Market Operator – AEMO ($7.6m).

The project is being delivered in partnership by Energy Policy WA, Western Power, Synergy, and AEMO. 

Synergy has begun recruiting eligible customers for the trial, which is expected to run until June 2023.

For more information on this project, please visit our project partner Synergy.

For more information on the DER Roadmap and other work being done as part of Western Australia’s Energy Transformation Strategy, please visit the Brighter Energy Future website.