Release of Guide to 1989 State Cabinet Records

Media release
To mark International to Access to Information Day, the SRO has released a Guide to the 1989 State Cabinet Records

The drafting of a bill to outlaw incitement to racial hatred; the establishment of a private Catholic University (the University of Notre Dame Australia); the need for law regulating the use of artificial reproductive technology, such as In-Vitro Fertilisation; the phasing down of activity in Wittenoom due to asbestos contamination; and the suitability of daylight saving in Western Australia, were among the hundreds of issues considered and discussed by State Cabinet in 1989.

Each year the State Records Office produces an online guide to the State Cabinet records from 30 years ago to mark their release as open access archives. This year the online guide covers State Cabinet minutes and decisions from the 1989 calendar year. State Cabinet records are historically significant documents that reveal key decisions made by the government of the day. The online guide to the records describes the papers, key issues, and historical context for decisions at the time. All WA State Cabinet records in the State Archives are open to the public after 30 years, revealing the official decisions that have shaped our State.

The 1989 State Cabinet records are held by the State Records Office, the authority responsible for identifying, managing, preserving, and providing the community with an information service about the State’s archives.

The Guide to the 1989 State Cabinet Records can be accessed online

Selected 1989 State Cabinet Records can be viewed via the SRO's online catalogue.

1989 State Cabinet papers can be viewed by appointment at the Battye Library for West Australian History at the State Library and State Archives in the Perth Cultural Centre. Research appointments can be booked online at



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