Reminder not to ruffle feathers when bringing birds from interstate

Media release
The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is reminding interstate travellers to be aware of import requirements for birds.
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A blue bird in a cage.

Department Regional Biosecurity Coordinator Lindsay Strange said the reminder followed the recent seizure of an illegally imported bird in the Kimberley.

“In order to protect our environment and agriculture, there are restrictions on importing, keeping or breeding of some species of birds in Western Australia,” Mr Strange said.

“A range of declared animals require an import permit to enter WA and a permit or licence to keep the animal.”

The department’s Quarantine WA service operates road checkpoints at both the Northern Territory and South Australian borders to ensure interstate travellers comply with WA’s quarantine requirements.

Department officers recently worked with WA Police to track down an Indian ringneck parakeet, a declared pest, which was illegally brought into WA.

“Indian ringneck parakeets have the potential to become a serious pest species to agriculture and the environment, are declared under Biosecurity and Agriculture Management (BAM) Act 2007 and require a permit to be kept as pets in WA,” Mr Strange said.

With the assistance of WA Police, the bird was located at a popular Broome beach.

The bird was seized and placed with a local wildlife carer, with the owner given 28 days to comply with regulations to make a permit application to keep a restricted species in WA.

Restricted keeping permits can be obtained online for $30.

Fines of up to $50,000 may apply to people who import a declared species without a permit or fail to comply with directions.

More information on importing birds into Western Australia is available on the DPIRD website.