Royalties transfer to RevenueWA

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DMIRS mining and petroleum royalty collection and administration functions are moving to RevenueWA.
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On 23 June 2021, the WA Minister for Finance, Tony Buti MLA, announced the transfer of the mining and petroleum royalty collection and administration functions from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) to RevenueWA.

This transition, which will take place in October, reflects similar agency transitions in other Australian jurisdictions.

The move will enhance the State’s royalty collection and auditing process by integrating the existing knowledge and expertise of DMIRS’ royalty collection function with the specialised information technology systems, knowledge and information sharing networks of RevenueWA.

DMIRS will continue to be responsible for royalty policy and legislation functions.

RevenueWA and DMIRS are working together to ensure a seamless transition for all royalty payers.

RevenueWA will contact royalty payers in advance of the transition to provide information on how the transition will impact them.

Further information

Rachel Coetzee, Director Group 2 (RevenueWA)
Phone (08) 9262 1101

Page reviewed 15 September 2021