ServiceWA app launches to help keep WA safe

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The app allows people to show proof of vaccination, check in with SafeWA and access G2G Pass for interstate travel - all in one place.
Service WA mobile app

The WA Government has launched the ServiceWA app – a free, convenient and secure mobile application that will help Western Australians with WA’s Safe Transition.

The app allows people to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination, check in at businesses and venues with SafeWA, and access their G2G Pass for interstate travel - all in one convenient place.

It helps people access important COVID-19 information, including how to prepare a household for COVID-19, where to get tested, where to get vaccinated and exposure location sites.

The ServiceWA app requires the user to set up or use a Digital Identity to create an account to prove who they are online - meaning the app is safe, secure and not accessible by anyone else.

The app makes proof of vaccination requirements more robust because of features including a live clock timer, shimmering coat of arms and animated certificate tick that proves the user’s COVID-19 digital certificate is authentic.

People will not be required to show additional identification to enter certain businesses and venues if they use the ServiceWA app, as opposed to COVID-19 digital certificates stored in smartphone wallets or hardcopies.

Setting up the ServiceWA app and Digital Identity takes some time, and people should allow at least 30 minutes to complete this new process at home, where they have easy access to forms of identification like a passport, driver’s license or Medicare card.

People will be able to continue to use the SafeWA app to check in at venues, but as the app will eventually become out of date, it is recommended people download ServiceWA and use this app to check in to venues.

Posters and materials are also available to download to help businesses communicate about proof of vaccination requirements.

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Page reviewed 11 January 2022