ServiceWA app: Support

The support hub for everything you need to know when setting up and navigating the ServiceWA app.

Helping you get started with the ServiceWA app

From 12 September, a convenient new option will allow users to access ServiceWA without logging in with their Digital Identity. You'll only need  to provide your Digital Identity when accessing specific services that require it.

The ServiceWA app allows you to activate and access various state government services in one convenient location.

To help you get started and correctly set up your account please see the following information and guides. The below processes will include information, steps and helpful links to other web pages so you can find what you’re looking for to get started with the ServiceWA app.

While you can log in to ServiceWA without your Digital Identity, in future you may wish to access services that require Digital Identity.

Downloading the app

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Process for getting started with ServiceWA:

  1. Before you get started – get your Digital Identity
  2. Set up the ServiceWA app
  3. ServiceWA app features
Last updated: 12 September 2023