Sowing the seeds of a sustainable forestry future

Media release
Forestry Minister Jackie Jarvis has published a media statement about our nursery, Pinus radiata breeding program and Softwood Plantation Investment Program.
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FPC nursery
  • More than 3 million pine seedlings ready for planting from the Forest Product's Commission's (FPC) Manjimup nursery
  • The Pinus radiata breeding program ensures the best possible seed stock used to replenish and grow WA's softwood plantation estate
  • Record $350 million investment by the McGowan Government to secure the State's softwood plantation timber estate

Forestry Minister Jackie Jarvis says the Forest Products Commission (FPC) is busy preparing the ground to plant this season's crop of 3.3 million pine seedlings, to replenish and grow Western Australia's softwood plantation estate.

Timber harvested from these plantations supplies about 70 per cent of the pine products used in the State's housing and construction market.

The McGowan Government announced a record $350 million investment in September 2021 to ensure a stable supply of timber for the WA construction industry and increase carbon sequestration opportunities.

To date approximately 3,400 hectares of purchased or under contract land has been added to WA's softwood plantation estate.

Ahead of planting, the work begins in FPC's world class Manjimup Nursery, with year-round operations to ensure seedlings are available to meet the annual seedling requirement.

The genetic selection of the best possible seed stock is thanks to FPC's successful Pinus radiata breeding program, which builds on over 50 years of scientific research in WA, and more recently through FPC's membership to Tree Breeding Australia.

Comments attributed to Forestry Minister Jackie Jarvis:

"The McGowan Government's $350 million softwood plantation investment program is building momentum and will deliver exciting employment opportunities in the South-West - both in the nursery and the field.

"The FPC's well-established seed breeding program ensures the best possible seedlings are planted for optimum growth and dieback resistance.

"Under the care of the FPC, this year's seedlings will grow into the house frames of the next generation and secure WA's future supply of softwood timber products."

Access the Hon Jackie Jarvis MLC's Facebook post here.

Comments attributed to Warren-Blackwood MLA Jane Kelsbie:

"The Forest Products Commission's world class nursery in Manjimup is a field of green, with 3.3 million seedlings nearly ready for the annual planting season in June.

"The nursery operation is a valuable local employer, supplemented by dozens of casual seasonal workers and backpackers during the peak periods of sowing and seedling dispatch.

"The benefits to WA's construction industry will continue to grow as additional land for planting is added to the estate over the remaining years of the 10-year program."