Tenders WA 5.0 has arrived with a brand-new look

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The Tenders WA website has been updated to provide a new and improved user experience
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Users logging onto Tenders WA will see a very different looking site after its makeover which includes enhanced navigation options and greater visibility of business details and notifications.  

These changes were made based on customer feedback and help users intuitively navigate through various processes. 

As the central source of information for State Government public sector requests and awarded contracts, business users now have access to all their data thanks to the new dashboards, including: 

  • notifications about new requests, invitations to respond, request details modified and response receipts 
  • a watchlist option for Early Tender Advice (ETA) notifications 
  • a list of contracts awarded to registered businesses in the past 10 years, and 
  • an increased ability to add or modify registered business personnel and update business and personal notifications. 

Additional site upgrades include improved navigation, standardised menu bars, enhanced searchability functions and help guides tailored to your user access. 

There are also features to assist new businesses or individual users registering on Tenders WA, with links to the Australian Business Register (ABR) to help users enter up-to-date information tailored to their business access. 

For more information about these changes or to provide feedback, please email the Procurement Team.

Page reviewed 9 May 2022