‘Train like a pro’: Building agency capability to deliver leadership training

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The Commission led ‘Train like a pro’ for agency staff to learn how to facilitate the Personal Leadership Suite of workshops.
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Participants from across the sector at the 'Train like a pro' workshop

This dynamic train the trainer approach builds the internal capability of agencies to deliver face to face leadership training.

The 16 participants from 9 public sector agencies learned valuable skills to support them to upskill their staff in the Personal Leadership context by bringing expected behaviours and mindsets of Leadership Expectations to life.

The Personal Leadership Suite is a series of 7 face to face workshops for those in the Personal Leadership context.

Each workshop focuses on one behaviour and associated mindset: lead collectively, think through complexity, dynamically sense the environment, deliver on high leverage areas, build capability, embody the spirit of public service, and lead adaptively.

These and other development opportunities created specifically for WA public sector staff are outlined in the Learning and Development Prospectus