Transitioning the electricity network for our future energy needs

Media release
The WA Government is committed to developing our electricity network to meet future demand and recognises the electricity sector's crucial role in both economic development and emissions reduction.
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A transmission tower against a blue sky

The South West Interconnected System (SWIS) Transmission Infrastructure Planning Update released today, identifies a series of proposed new transmission investments for the SWIS. These projects will enable the connection and delivery of electricity to an expected 1GW of new industry demand in the coming years.

A stakeholder forum will also be set up to investigate the opportunity to develop a Goldfields Regional Network (GRN). The GRN would be outside the existing SWIS footprint and represents an opportunity for private sector investment.

The State Government is now focused on scoping, planning, and engaging with relevant communities to inform the design of the upgrades and maximise the economic and social benefits.