WA Emergency Management Sector Adaptation Plan Discussion Paper

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Share your feedback on the Emergency Management Sector Adaptation Plan Discussion Paper that aims to support the emergency management sector to accelerate action for climate change adaptation.
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Climate change already poses significant risks to Western Australian communities and is testing the resilience of the emergency management sector through the increasing frequency and severity of emergencies.

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) is committed to supporting the State Government to deliver strong action to enhance the climate resilience of our communities and the emergency management sector.

The SEMC is developing the Emergency Management Sector Adaptation Plan (EM-SAP) to accelerate climate change adaptation through the emergency management sector. It is one of seven SAPs being developed as required by the Climate Change Bill 2023.

This Discussion Paper has been developed to support the development of the EM-SAP. It is an opportunity for the emergency management sector to have their say on the EM-SAP and to shape the sector’s climate change adaptation priorities.

Feedback is sought on:

  • Proposed sector adaptation objectives and actions
  • Reporting processes and governance structure
  • Current and planned adaptation activities undertaken by your organisation.

We are also seeking nominations for:

  • Lead organisations – organisations that can commit to delivering specific sector adaptation objectives or actions
  • Support organisations – organisations that can support the delivery of specific sector objectives or actions

Consultation will be open from Wednesday, 13 December 2023 to COB Friday, 29 March 2024.

For further information about the project, email info@semc.wa.gov.au

Local Governments can find out how they can provide feedback by emailing em@walga.asn.au

Feedback can be provided via the Engage Emergency Management website.