WA introduces hard border with Victoria

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Western Australia has introduced a hard border with Victoria following the evolving COVID-19 situation and outbreak.
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A graphic showing changes to WA entry conditions for Victoria

Western Australia has introduced a hard border with Victoria following the evolving COVID-19 situation and outbreak.

Based on the latest updated advice from the WA Chief Health Officer, Victoria has transitioned from ‘very low risk’ to ‘medium risk’ under WA’s controlled interstate border, effective from 10.00am, Thursday, 27 May 2021.

Travel from Victoria into WA will no longer be permitted, unless you are exempt.

The exemption list is limited to:

  • certain senior Government officials
  • certain active military personnel
  • a member of the Commonwealth Parliament
  • a person carrying out functions under a law of the Commonwealth
  • a person responsible for transport freight or logistics
  • anyone who is given approval by State Emergency Coordinator or an authorised officer.

The final category includes compassionate reasons - including those Western Australians that may have travelled to Victoria recently and need to return to WA. These people will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by WA Police and will be required to complete 14 days of self-quarantine and be tested for COVID-19 on arrival and on day 11.

The following applies:

Exempt travellers arriving into WA from 10.00am Thursday, 27 May 2021

  • Get a COVID-19 test upon arrival into WA and on day 11.
  • Self-quarantine in a suitable premises for 14 days.

Anyone who has arrived from Victoria between Sunday, 16 May and 10.00am Thursday, 27 May

  • Get a COVID-19 test within 48 hours and self-quarantine until they return a negative test result.
  • A mask must be worn when presenting for testing.

Arrivals who have visited Victorian exposure sites (external link) during relevant times

  • Get tested immediately for COVID-19 and self-quarantine for 14 days from date of exposure.
  • You must also get a COVID-19 test on day two and day 11 of your 14-day self-quarantine. Masks must be worn when leaving your self-quarantine premises to present for testing.
  • This 14-day requirement applies irrespective of whether the exposure site is considered Tier 1 or Tier 2 by Victoria Health.

For anyone who has come into contact with someone who recently arrived from Victoria, self-quarantine is not necessary and COVID-19 testing is only required if symptoms develop.

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