We’ve teamed up with Crime Stoppers WA to battle illegal dumping

Media release
We have joined forces with Crime Stoppers WA to combat the unlawful dumping of demolition waste and asbestos in Western Australia.
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The partnership will result in an easier way for people to anonymously report illegal dumping, by simply searching ‘Crime Stoppers WA’ online or phoning 1800 333 000. The matter will then be directed straight to our investigators.

The unlawful dumping of demolition material – including asbestos – is an ongoing problem in some parts of Western Australia and we are stepping up efforts to catch offenders, including demolition companies that occasionally do the wrong thing.

Our Senior Manager of Waste Operations, Sally Heitman, said public assistance was being sought to identify offenders.

“Feedback in the past has indicated that some people did not know how to make a report, so by partnering with Crime Stoppers WA we are making that easy,” she said.

“The partnership with Crime Stoppers WA means that members of the community don’t need to remember which organisation to call if they observe demolition or asbestos waste being dumped or come across it – they can simply contact Crime Stoppers WA online or by phone.

“More broadly, we recommend that people ask their contracted demolition company about where their demolition waste is being disposed of as well as requesting the contractor provide a receipt from the waste facility post disposal. Disposal fees are incorporated into the cost of demolition and a disposal receipt will ensure the correct procedure has been followed.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Crime Stoppers WA, Dr Vince Hughes, said he was pleased to see the Crime Stoppers WA service being applied to illegal dumping.

“We all know the impact that illegal dumping, especially of a dangerous material like asbestos, can have on a community and the environment,” Dr Hughes said.

“Our message is if you see something, say something. We are asking the WA community to be our eyes and ears and report any suspicious activity around unlawful dumping to Crime Stoppers WA. You can remain anonymous as we’re interested in your information, not your identity.”