Lotterywest marks 90 years of supporting WA

The Premier today officially recognised Lotterywest's 90-year anniversary.
  • Lotterywest celebrates 90 years of raising money for the WA community in grants and prizes
  • WA players have shared in more than $11 billion in prizes
  • More than $6.3 billion has supported WA organisations

The Premier today officially recognised Lotterywest's 90-year anniversary.

The State's lottery has distributed a collective $17.3 billion in prizes and grants to the Western Australian community since its first draw in 1933.

Lotterywest remains the only Government-owned and operated lottery in the country, and one of the few in the world, where all available profits go directly back to the community through grants.

The first Lotterywest draw was held at a gathering at Perth Town Hall in 1933. Ticket butts with corresponding numbers were placed into a barrel that saw around 350 marbles drawn for a share in £3,000.

Thanks to this draw, Lotterywest was able to support recipients like St John Ambulance, Silverchain, and RSPCA, with these community groups still benefitting from grants today.

Over the past 90 years, more than $11 billion in prizes and $6.3 billion in community grants have been raised from Lotterywest games for the people of WA.

Last financial year also saw Lotterywest deliver its third consecutive year of record-breaking returns to the WA community, with $1.05 billion provided in grants and lottery prizes.

Comments attributed to Premier Roger Cook:

"Lotterywest belongs to the WA community, be it in the form of our 486 retailers across WA, our prize winners, or our grant recipients.

"It is fitting in Lotterywest's 90th year, we are celebrating a record return of grants and prizes to the WA community.

"To the Lotterywest staff, retailers, grant partners and players - thank you for the part you play, and the valuable contribution you make to Lotterywest."