Organic recycling facilities receive funding in WasteSorted Grants

Five Western Australian operators of organics recycling facilities have been selected to receive funding under the WasteSorted Grants - Organics Infrastructure Program.
  • Five WA organics recycling facilities will share in $850,000 in funding under the WasteSorted grants - Organics Infrastructure Program
  • These grants will assist organic recycling facilities to improve environmental sustainability and implement better practice in their operations

Five Western Australian operators of organics recycling facilities have been selected to receive funding under the WasteSorted Grants - Organics Infrastructure Program.

These grants will help organics processing facilities - such as commercial composters - meet outcomes of the new Guideline: Better Practice Organics Recycling to improve environmental sustainability in their operations.

A total of $850,000 has been allocated to five organics recycling facilities across WA, with each operator receiving a grant of up to $200,000.

The projects have been selected to fast-track infrastructure upgrades, and support the processing of Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) collected by local governments.

This infrastructure will support many of the 18 WA councils that already have FOGO and increase support for the further 12 committed to the rollout by 2025.

The City of Albany, Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council, Resource Recovery Group, Purearth, and C-Wise Holdings Pty Ltd are the five WA organics processing facilities that have been selected to receive funding.

For more information on the WasteSorted – Organics Infrastructure Program or Better Practice Organics Recycling guidelines, please visit WasteSorted Grants – Organics Infrastructure Program | Waste Authority WA

Comments attributed to Environment Minister Reece Whitby:

"The State Government is committed to supporting the organics processing industry in improving environmental sustainability in their operations.

"These grants will add to a range of existing funding we are providing to support the FOGO roll-out in WA, including the recently announced Food Waste for Healthy Soils program.

Selected projects to receive funding:

Name of Organisation

Project Title

Brief Project Description

Approved Funding

City of Albany

FOGO Transfer Station Leachate & Odour Mitigation

Construction of a covered structure over the FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) sorting hardstand at the City of Albany Bakers Junction Waste Facility, to reduce leachate and odour emissions.


Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC)

EMRC FOGO Picking Station

EMRC currently operates a Mobile Aerated Floor System (MAF) to process the FOGO material delivered to its Red Hill Waste Management Facility. Contaminated FOGO material is adding to the spread of windblown litter, odour and emissions at the MAF processing site. EMRC will construct a purpose-built hardstand to accommodate the MAF and the project is to add on a Picking Station to remove the contaminants before processing of the organic material.


Resource Recovery Group (RRG)

Resource Recovery Group FOGO Processing Facility Odour Upgrades

The FOGO Processing Facility at the RRG Canning Vale Facility currently processes 28,000 tonnes of FOGO and has a maximum processing capacity of 120,000 tonnes per annum. This project addresses further improvements in FOGO processing infrastructure in anticipation of increasing demand from local governments. The project will address better practice for odour and leachate emissions, building negative pressure fast access doors and odorous air capture, providing control of leachate from FOGO deliveries.



Purearth Better Practice Organics Recycling

Purearth currently utilises eight concrete composting slabs, where blended organic materials are laid out and covered, while they proceed through the composting process. Air is forced through the pile where oxygen, moisture and temperature levels are maintained for a given period, while the composting process continues. Construction of bunker walls around the slabs will strengthen containment practices and support better practice in odour control and improve risk management for emissions to land and water runoff, litter and debris.


C-Wise Holdings Pty Ltd


FOGO Decontamination Plant Attachments

C-Wise will improve its ability to decontaminate current and future material throughput and/or products of ferrous metals, and soft plastics by introducing specialist equipment to its existing compost screening plant.C-Wise's project addresses physical contamination of its organic compost product through upgrading of screens for the capture of primarily soft plastics. This will minimise the risk of litter entering soils and waterways.