Eclipse collectables and merchandise capture moment for all time

Just weeks before the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse in Western Australia, stamps and coins are being released to commemorate the historic event.
  • Australia Post, Perth Mint and special merchandise sharing a dreamtime story released to commemorate 2023 Solar Eclipse and Total Solar Eclipse over Ningaloo Reef
  • Limited-edition stamps and silver coin capture rare astronomical event for posterity

Just weeks before the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse in Western Australia, stamps and coins are being released to commemorate the historic event.

On 20 April, 2023 at around 11.27am, the shadow of the moon will first touch the Australian continent as it begins its brief journey over the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo region.

With the eclipse itself predicted to last up to 62 seconds as the moon passes between the sun and earth in perfect alignment, the special collector edition stamps and a limited-edition silver coin will provide an opportunity for Western Australians and enthusiasts to commemorate the occasion and own a piece of WA history.

Australia Post's Solar Eclipses stamp issue features three $1.20 postage stamps, postcards and a medallion cover.

The stamps and postcards depict three different types of solar eclipse - an annular solar eclipse, a total solar eclipse and a partial solar eclipse, while the medallion cover showcases the total and annular phases. The collectables are numbered and there will be a limited amount available.

All collectables will be available from 11 April 2023 and customers can find out more at

Perth Mint's commemorative coin pays homage to Exmouth and the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Coast.

A limited-edition collectable silver antiqued coloured coin capturing the unique event in Exmouth will officially be released by The Perth Mint.

The world-renowned Ningaloo Reef is home to both tiny corals and the world's largest fish, and this diversity has been captured in the coin's design by Sean Rogers.

Crafted from two-ounce 99.99% silver, the coin portrays corals and a whale shark beneath the darkened sky of the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse and will be available from The Perth Mint for $249 at

Merchandise is also available with the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry producing items featuring artwork by Payungu (Baiyungu) Elder Rachael Cooyou to commemorate the event.

The piece captures a dreamtime story and is called Warnanmankura Kuru-nga (Rainbow serpent looking) Wirlarra Mardama-nma Jirndal (moon covering sun) and the range has a sustainable focus that pays respect to the traditional owners of this land.

All profits from this initiative will be put back into local community initiatives and support local small businesses.

The merchandise range is available to purchase via local stockists, via the ECCI online Store and through merchandise stands at selected events during the Dark Sky Festival.

To find out more about the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse, visit     

Comments attributed to State Development, Jobs and Trade Minister Roger Cook:

"The moment of totality may be fleeting - just 62 seconds - but this rare astrological event is being captured for posterity with the release of limited-edition collectables.

"Stamps and coins are much sought-after collectables, and those created by Australia Post and The Perth Mint to mark the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse will help capture an incredibly special moment in time. 

"Philatelists and numismatists will be joined by visitors to Western Australia who may wish to secure these collectable stamps and silver coins, as their value is enhanced by the limited number available.

"The collectables commemorate a truly unique event occurring in the skies above a truly unique destination - the stunning World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Coast near Exmouth."

Minister's office - 6552 6500