Household and small business energy tips

Useful information for households and small businesses in managing their energy use. Find tips for reducing your power bills and for making the most of solar power.

Find out more about how to save energy in your home and business below.

Energy tips for households

Being energy efficient can make a big difference to the environment and to the household budget. Energy Policy WA has developed information to help households manage energy use.

Useful information for households who want to reduce their power bills.

Energy Policy WA Information Sheet - Save money on your power bills (PDF)

Information to help households shift their use to make the most of renewable solar power produced on their own roof or by others.

Energy Policy WA Information Sheet - Maximising daytime power use (PDF)

Tips for limiting your gas bills can be found in the following information sheet.

Energy Policy WA Information Sheet for households - Save money on your gas bills (PDF)

Information for households who may need support in paying energy bills. 

Energy Policy WA Information Sheet - Payment Difficulties 

Energy monitors can tell you how much energy you use and empower you to make informed choices or change your habits.

Energy Policy WA information sheet - Energy monitors (PDF)

Energy tips for small businesses

Power is an ongoing essential cost for small business. Taking the time to understand your power options and create efficiency can help your bottom line at the same time as helping the environment.

Practical introduction for small businesses looking to manage their power use.

Energy Policy WA Information Sheet - Managing your power use (PDF)

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