Annual report 2022—23

Annual report
The WA Department of Training and Workforce Development. is pleased to announce that our Annual Report 2022—23  is now available, highlighting our achievements in training and workforce development for Western Australia.
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The report provides the Western Australian Parliament and the community with an overview of our performance, as well as budget papers and other strategic documents. It offers transparency, accountability, and compliance with legislative and government policy requirements, focuses on key areas of achievement and describes the functions, operations and performance highlights of the Department over the period.

This reporting period saw a strong growth in the State’s economy and workforce participation. Employment reached record high levels, while unemployment rates fell.

In addition; a shortage of skilled labour and industry diversification, border restrictions and staff absenteeism has made it difficult for business and industry to fill vacancies.

Our Annual report 2022–23 highlights the Department's successful response to these workforce challenges.

Feedback, queries, and previous years' reports

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An archive of the Department's annual reports from previous years is available in the 'Tabled Papers' section of the WA Parliament website.

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