Annual Report 2022-23: Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Annual report
The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation's 2022-23 annual report.
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1. Supported the WA Government’s launch of the Future State: Accelerating Diversify WA strategy, to accelerate economic diversification.

2. Played a key role in helping to meet all 4 targets for 2022 in the WA Government’s WA Renewable Hydrogen Strategy, launched in 2019.

3. Supported the WA Government’s identification of 3 target industries to transform the Western Trade Coast into a Global Advanced Industries Hub, informing the Economic Development Framework to guide the region’s future growth.

4. Established a Green Energy Major Projects division, facilitating development of green energy and enabling industries in WA to support the whole-of-government Green Energy Approvals Initiative.

5. Administered the Local Manufacturing Investment Fund, supporting the manufacture, maintenance and servicing of iron ore railcar wagons in WA. 

6. Coordinated 19 overseas missions to 19 countries as part of the $195M Reconnect WA program to attract investment, skilled workers, international students and tourists to WA.

7. Led a review of the WA Government Intellectual Property (IP) Policy, resulting in the release of the new IP Policy in 2022–23, supporting the WA Innovation Strategy and encouraging innovation opportunities across WA.

8. Promoted the new Invest and Trade WA office in Austin, Texas, in the US, to open in early 2024, to attract investment and trade.

9. Supported the WA Government to achieve higher international student enrolments in the first half of 2023, through marketing campaigns, funding agreements and support programs to international students.

10. Supported access to $7 billion of Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility funding for projects with potential to create regional employment and Aboriginal community development – projects included a rare-earths mine and proposed plant and a proposed ammonia production facility.

11. Established an Aboriginal Engagement and Economic Development Unit to unlock new opportunities to boost Aboriginal economic development outcomes and support the delivery of existing programs.

12. Supported the launch of the Western Australian Innovation Strategy – a vision for WA to become a global hub of invention, investment, innovation and impact.

13. Facilitated setting-up the first 3 early-stage venture capital limited partnership fund in WA – through the WA Venture Support (WAVES) program – committed to investing most of their funds in WA startups and early-stage enterprises. 

14. Led the development of Strategic Industrial Areas (SIAs), including supporting applications for land allocations, with the WA Government’s Industrial Lands Panel approving more SIA land allocations than in the previous 14 years.

15. Led the delivery of 3 strategic State submissions to reshape the national Defence and Defence Industry Strategy, which informed the Defence Strategic Review, promoting an increased investment in WA. 

16. Provided a resources company with early ‘in-principle’ support to secure Australian Government funding for the construction and operation of a rare-earths refinery; and facilitated the company’s regulatory and State Agreement approvals.

17. Administered the $200 million Collie Industrial Transition Fund – with the first allocation of funding to one firm to establish a pilot plant to produce zero carbon magnesium in the Collie Light Industrial Area – and the $18 million Collie Futures Industry and Development Fund to co-fund the development of initiatives covering industrial projects, training and tourism.

18. Launched the first round of a grant program to support businesses with a demonstrated reliance on native forestry to remain open, diversify, expand or start a new business. As a result, $7 million was approved for distribution across 21 small businesses. 

19. Led 14 government agencies in delivering a truly global event to WA, when tens of thousands of visitors from around the world travelled to Exmouth to witness the Total Solar Eclipse. Communities across the region benefited from $22 million government funding for the event through a number of legacy projects improving everything from roads, infrastructure, facilities and even mobile phone reception in remote areas. 

20. Supported the Space Automation, AI and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC) in its successful funding submission to the Australian Space Agency, leading to a $3.5 million co-investment from the WA Government to help establish SpAARC.

Agency performance

Report on operations

A sustainable and diversified economy

  • Boost to health and medical life sciences
  • Aboriginal economic development
  • Supporting our defence industry
  • Recovery of the international education sector
  • Developing Strategic Industrial Areas
  • Developing the critical minerals industry
  • Developing the hydrogen industry
  • Green energy division
  • Transforming the Western Trade Coast

Jobs for today and tomorrow 

  • Supporting WA veterans 
  • Local jobs and opportunities 
  • Investment Attraction Fund (IAF)
  • Advanced manufacturing in WA 
  • Supporting Collie to transition new industries
  • Supporting native forest regions

Western Australia’s unique assets are recognised on the world stage

  • A year of re-engagement
  • Total Solar Eclipse
  • Native Title, heritage and environment
  • Supporting critical regional infrastructure projects

A world-class innovation ecosystem

  • New Intellectual Property (IP) Policy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Supporting early-stage ventures
  • Developing the space industry
  • Data centre prospectus
  • Chief Scientist of Western Australia

Actual results versus budget targets

  • Explanatory Notes to Variations against Revised Targets

Key performance indicators

  • Key Effectiveness Indicators
  • Key Efficiency Indicators