Basic raw materials Bunbury and Busselton regions

Research and analysis
The study is a regional supply and demand analysis of the basic raw materials such as sand, gravel, hard rock and limestone required on the Bunbury- Busselton Coastal Plain to 2030.

The South West is a fast-growing region, with an increasing number of people choosing to call it home each year.  Currently more than 157,000 people are residents of the South West. By 2021 it is anticipated about 175,000 people will reside in the region. The topography of the region and a high ground water table means that portions of land targeted for future development will need significant fill prior to construction taking place.

The Basic Raw Materials Demand and Supply Study for the Bunbury-Busselton Region is an important tool in ensuring that the raw materials necessary for development of the region are identified and secured. It uses a new geo-science based mapping technique complied in conjunction with the Department of Mines and Petroleum to identify locations containing significant supplies of basic raw materials on the coastal plain.

Sites identified in the study do not have any priority or pre-approval for extraction and any approval for extraction will require compliance with appropriate State and Federal legislation.

The study and maps will help with the management of sites containing basic raw materials that are of regional significance and contribute to planning for the future development of the South West.


Basic Raw Materials – Demand and Supply Study for the Bunbury-Busselton Region (2012)
Page reviewed 10 September 2021