Building Western Australia's Defence Industry Australian Marine Complex Infrastructure Strategy November 2020

This strategy outlines a vision to double the value of the state’s defence industry to $6 billion a year by 2030 – providing a pipeline of work for Western Australia and supporting thousands of local jobs.
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The Strategic Infrastructure and Land Use Plan (SILUP) outlines a vision for how Western Australia’s key defence industry hub, the AMC, can be improved to support this aim. The improvements would enable the precinct to consolidate its role as Australia’s primary location for construction of minor naval vessels, while improving facilities supporting current naval sustainment work, as well as catering for future vessels such as Hunter class frigates, Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ships and Attack class submarines.

Additional investment would also enable the precinct to accommodate construction of up to 8 hydrographic and mine warfare support vessels, new sealift and replenishment ships, and the production of specialist military watercraft, including landing craft to meet the needs of Defence’s amphibious and riverine capability requirements.

The SILUP proposes two core options to develop the southern harbour, including the establishment of at least one Defence Priority Zone, and new or enhanced ship lift capability. The southern harbour will also benefit from the construction of multiple new berths, a new fabrication shed, two outdoor hardstand positions, transfer paths, breakwaters and a potential new large vessel dry berth to support out-of-water maintenance and vessel construction activities. Northern harbour development plans include activation of the Northern Common User Facility through a land-backed wharf, fabrication buildings and a connection to the southern Common User Facility via a vessel transfer path.

The infrastructure options outlined in the SILUP will enable the Collins class Full Cycle Docking (FCD) program to be delivered at the AMC, which would provide $8.4 billion of economic benefits to Western Australia and create 3000 jobs. The WA Government is spending over $100 million for infrastructure and workforce development to support FCD and additional defence industry objectives.

The options outlined in this document, and explored in more detail in the SILUP, will be complemented by up to $9 million from the Australian Government for additional planning work which will inform the next stages of infrastructure development at the AMC, ensuring it meets Defence’s needs.

This planning will also help inform the WA Government’s moves to secure future work outlined in the 2020 Defence Force Structure Plan, including the construction of amphibious, auxiliary and specialist watercraft, and large-hulled naval vessels.