Class A/B Register of qualifications

Under the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996, the Minister for Training and Workforce Development must classify each prescribed vocational education and training qualification into one of the three categories — Class A, Class B and Class C.
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  • Class A: These qualifications can only be obtained by fulfilling the obligations of an apprentice under a training contract.
  • Class B: These qualifications may, but need not, be obtained by fulfilling the obligations of an apprentice un​​der a training contract.
  • Class C: Class C qualifications cannot be delivered under a training contract. All qualifications not classified as A or B are automatically classified as Class C.

When nominating a Class A or B qualification, a training contract must comply with any requirements imposed for that qualification, including but are not limited to, any pre-conditions, the period and terms of contracts under that qualification.

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The latest Classification of Prescribed Vocational Education and Training Qualifications (Register of Class A and B qualifications) will be available from this website each month. The Changes to the register of Class A and B qualifications (exception report) will also be available for each qualifications list, to detail the changes made each month.

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