Cost benefit analysis of options for an e-waste landfill ban in WA

Independent report
Financial and economic costs and benefits associated with options to implement a statewide ban on e-waste disposal to landfill by 2024.
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Synergies Economic Consulting (Synergies) was engaged by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation to assess the financial and economic costs and benefits associated with three proposed implementation options to ban e-waste disposal to landfill:

  • Option 1 – Voluntary landfill ban
  • Option 2 – Regulatory ban with voluntary elements
  • Option 3 – Regulatory ban with extensive obligations

This report provides a cost benefit analysis to evaluate the relative net economic benefits of each option against a base case scenario in which the Western Australian government does not invest in promoting additional e-waste recovery. In addition to the cost benefit analysis, the financial impacts of each option on key stakeholder groups is quantified.