Cost Management Services Panel 2017

Describes how the panel operates and the scope of services, technical requirements and terms and conditions that apply when a contract is awarded off a panel.

The Cost Management Services Panel 2017 is used by the Department of Finance to engage consultants to provide a range of cost planning and management services required to deliver the Government’s non-residential buildings program.

This panel is divided into two parts:

  • Service Panel A - used for low value contracts with an estimated contract management fee under $100,000 (GST inclusive). Firms interested in joining Service Panel A must contact the panel manager to register their interest in joining the panel before submitting an application. No applications will be assessed without first having contacted the panel manager.
  • Service Panel B - used for high value contracts where the contract fee is expected to be between $100,000 and $500,000 (GST inclusive). No applications will be accepted for this service panel.

The request document is for information only and is not an invitation to submit an offer.

Please note that public authorities are not required to request advice or approval from the Department of Finance, regardless of value, when seeking an exemption from the minimum requirements of the Open and Effective Competition Policy and the use of this Panel for a purchase from an Australian Disability Enterprise or an Aboriginal Business.

Panel expiry date: 30 June 2022


Page reviewed 18 August 2020