Contractors and low value maintenance work

Maintenance works for non-residential public buildings are engaged through the Low Value Maintenance Panel (LVMP) in the Perth metro area and some parts of the Peel region and Service Alliance 2012 (SA12) in regional areas.

Low Value Maintenance Panel (LVMP) for Perth and parts of Peel region

The LVMP provides building maintenance services to government non-residential buildings such as schools, police stations and office buildings in the Perth metropolitan region and parts of the Peel region.

Low value maintenance typically refers to building maintenance jobs under $250,000. The LVMP is comprised of locally based, small-to-medium building maintenance contractors providing the following low value building maintenance services:

  • breakdown maintenance – high volume, low value jobs typically under $1,500
  • planned works – restoration maintenance, routine maintenance and improvement projects typically under $250,000.

The LVMP commenced in July 2014 and delivers services in 42 trade categories across four zones. Contractors appointed to the LVMP were allowed to nominate those ‘zones’ they would be willing to operate in.

    Service Alliance 2012 (SA12) for regional maintenance

    The Service Alliance 2012 (SA12) was introduced by the Department of Finance to facilitate the delivery of building maintenance and improvement work on Government assets in regional Western Australia by regionally located Western Australian contractors.

    SA12 aims for strong working relationships with local contractors from building-related trades. Where suitable regional businesses are not available to provide the trades required, applications from metropolitan businesses may be considered.

    Registered SA12 contractors can quote on work up to $250,000. This is only a registration of interest to perform services for the Department of Finance, it does not guarantee receiving any work.

    Apply to join

    If you are interested in joining the Service Alliance 2012, see the invitation document and the Conditions of Contract below and then complete the pre-application form.

    Maintenance contractor alerts

    Finance distribute alerts to notify maintenance contractors about relevant issues such as asbestos removal, breakdown repairs, occupational safety and health. 

    Last updated: 23 June 2021