Canning Bridge precinct vision

In July 2011, the Minister for Planning released the Canning Bridge Precinct Vision as a long-term, non-binding and non-statutory guidance document for the future planning of the Canning Bridge Precinct.
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This vision was prepared by the Department of Planning, on behalf of the WAPC, together with the City of South Perth and City of Melville acknowledging the precinct as an appropriate place for transit oriented development consistent with the State planning framework. It was developed through consultation with the City of Melville, City of South Perth and broader communities and key agency stakeholders.

In June 2012 the Department of Planning, on behalf of the WAPC, partnered with the City of South Perth, City of Melville and the Department of Transport to prepare an Activity Centre Plan to provide the next level of detailed planning towards achieving the vision.

The main objective of the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan is to provide an appropriate planning framework to guide the creation of a unique, vibrant community centre with a mix of residential, office, retail, recreational and cultural uses.