Electoral Reform - Terms of Reference

The Government appoints the Ministerial Expert Committee to review the electoral system for the legislative council and provide recommendations.
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At the 2021 election for the Legislative Council:

The Daylight Saving Party won one seat in the Mining and Pastoral region, having received 98 first preference votes, which is equivalent to just 0.2% of all formal votes in that region;


the Greens in the North Metropolitan Region received 27,077 first preference votes, or 7.4% of all formal votes in that region, but did not win a seat;


in the Agricultural Region, the Nationals received 22,999 votes and won two seats;


in the South Metropolitan Region, the Liberal Party received 67,000 votes but won only one seat;

The Government now asks the Committee to review the electoral system for the Legislative Council and provide:

Recommendations as to how electoral equality might be achieved for all citizens entitled to vote for the Legislative Council;


Recommendations for the distribution of preferences in the Legislative Council’s proportional representation system.


Hon. Malcolm McCusker QC AO

Professor John Phillimore

Professor Martin Drum

Dr Sarah Murray

Term of Appointment

Eight weeks from the date of Cabinet appointment.

Executive Support

To be provided by the Office of the Minister for Electoral Affairs.


To be provided by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.


Members are to maintain confidentiality of all information and discussions that are not in the public domain.