Electricity credit available for Western Australians

All Western Australian households will receive an electricity credit to assist with their power bills.
Last updated: 11 May 2023

Who can receive the household electricity credit?

The WA Government is delivering a minimum $400 Household Electricity Credit to every household across the State as part of the 2023-24 Budget, helping to ease cost of living pressures.

How do I get the electricity credit?

The credit will be automatically applied to your Synergy or Horizon Power account, split over two equal payments in the July/August and November/December billing cycles.

More help will also be delivered to those most in need of support.

Around 350,000 WA households that are currently receiving the Energy Assistance Payment will receive a $500 electricity credit split over two payments, instead of the $400 offered to all households.

The $500 electricity credit will also be split over two equal payments in the July/August and November/December billing cycles.

This is in addition to the Energy Assistance Payment, which is divided into daily amounts and credited to your account across the year. The payment will be increased to $326 for the 2023-24 year, bringing your total electricity credit to $826.

Who is eligible for the additional support?

To receive the additional support, a member of the household must be an eligible concession card holder, which includes:

  • Pensioner concession cards,
  • Health care card,
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, or a
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card.

The credit will be applied automatically for households already in receipt of the Energy Assistance Payment.

Further information regarding accessing the Energy Assistance Payment is available for Synergy and Horizon Power customers.

Do businesses receive an electricity credit?

Small businesses who use up to 50MWh of electricity per annum will also receive a $650 credit on their energy bills. The small business rebate is expected to benefit around 90,000 businesses.

The credit will be automatically applied to Synergy or Horizon Power accounts for eligible small businesses.

The electricity credits for vulnerable households and small businesses are partly supported by the jointly funded National Energy Bill Relief Fund, with an estimated $116 million contribution from the Commonwealth to WA.

The WA Government is working with the Commonwealth to ensure that eligible small businesses on embedded networks will be able to access the support. More details will be released soon.