Future Enabled

A strategic narrative of professionalism, purpose and pride in the Western Australian public sector
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Finding solutions to complex problems for the public good is in many ways the essence of the work of the public sector.

To do this well, our sector must be consistent and reliable – but also innovative, transformative and adaptable to meet new and arising challenges.

The WA public sector’s strategic narrative, Future Enabled, provides the impetus for focused planning, leadership, capability and delivery across the incredible range of functions provided by our agencies and our people.

Developed and endorsed by the Public Sector Leadership Council, it describes a common direction and purpose for our sector, and shares our story and the enduring spirit of service with the community.

It recognises the public sector’s place in our democracy as independent, impartial and apolitical. It emphasises the importance of thinking and re-thinking to solve problems with efficiency, humility and heart; and of delivering services that make a positive difference for citizens and communities.

Future Enabled identifies 6 key shifts required of the public sector over the next few years:

  • Diversifying the economy for a stronger Western Australia
  • Investing the economic dividend for public good
  • Empowering First Nations people with a secure future
  • Assembling collective intelligence for problem solving
  • E-thinking services for lives and livelihoods
  • Activating foresight for enduring service

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