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The Government Gazette is an official publication which notifies the public of the actions and decisions of the government. The Gazette contains the formal public notices that are required by law and the Government Authority to be published.

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About the Government Gazette

The Western Australian Government Gazette (the Gazette) is produced by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) for the State of Western Australia. It is also the lodgement point for the advertising of statutory and other notices. The Parliamentary Counsel’s Office publish the Gazette online at on Tuesday and Friday of each week (except Public Holidays). Special Gazettes are published on an ad-hoc basis as and when required.

The Western Australian Government Gazette, including the General and Special Gazettes, contain the formal public notices that are required by law and government authority to be published in the Gazette. Special Government Gazettes containing notices of an urgent or particular nature are published periodically.

The types of notices that may be accepted for publication include official publications required under enactments such as Acts, regulations, rules and by laws, and may include instruments such as notices, orders and proclamations. These may be received from Government House, government departments, statutory office holders, Parliamentary Counsel’s Office, Government Trading Enterprise (GTE’s), local government and the private sector.

Lodgement process and deadlines

DPC is the editor of the Gazette and is the lodgement point for the advertising of statutory and other notices.

  • All lodgements must be received by 12 noon Wednesday for inclusion in the Gazette published on the following Friday, or 12 noon Friday for inclusion in the Gazette published on the following Tuesday.
  • If alterations to these times occur because of public holidays, etc., prior notice highlighting these changes will appear on page 2 of preceding issues of the Gazette.
  • Lengthy or complicated notices should be forwarded early to allow for preparation. Failure to observe this request could result in the notice being held over.
  • All notices or material lodged for publication must be accompanied by:
    • a formal request to publish - this can be included in a cover letter or in the email request to publish a notice; and
    • a word document version of the lodged notice for publication.
  • For all notices except advertising a deceased estate, a PDF copy of the signed and dated notice by a person having the authority to request the publication is also required. Clearly print the name of the signatory under the signature, as this information will be included in the published version.

For all queries regarding the lodgement of notices, please ring (08) 6552 6012 or email:

For payment of notices please ring (08) 6552 6000 or email:

Advertising rates and payments

Public Notices Section – $78.20 minimum charge (except items of an exceptionally large nature. In these instances, arrangement will be made for pricing the notice at time of lodging).

All other Notices:

  • Per column centimetre – $15.60
  • Bulk Notices – $285.60

Clients who have an account will only be invoiced for charges over $100.

For charges under $100, clients will need to supply credit card details at time of lodging notice (i.e. a notice under 7cm would not be invoiced).

Clients without an account will need to supply credit card details at the time of lodging the notice.

Payment Methods

Visa/Master Card

  • Please phone (08) 6552 6000 with credit card details to finalise the payment.  A tax receipt will be emailed to the advertiser upon successful transaction.
  • Larger and more complex notices that require substantial proofing may incur extra fees which can be paid via credit card.


  • Invoices can be issued on request to government departments and local government bodies. Include a request for invoice when submitting the notice for printing along with a purchase order, if your finance team requires it to make payment.
  • A request for an informal quote can be requested at submission if required to raise a purchase order but the notice will not be published until the purchase order has been supplied.
  • If you do not require a purchase order, please include a statement saying that payment will be made without one.
  • Note: Invoices will only be payable via EFT.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds will be provided if the notice has been published.
  • If payment has been received for a notice that has not been published and is subsequently cancelled a refund may be made. However, the amount refunded will be less any costs incurred in preparing the Notice for Publication.


The latest Gazette is posted on the WA Legislation website at the time of publishing and is freely available for viewing or downloading.

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