Lightweight plastic bag ban - Decision regulatory impact statement

Implementing a lightweight plastic bag ban in Western Australia
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The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) released a consultation regulatory impact statement, Implementing a lightweight single-use plastic bag ban in Western Australia, on 20 December 2017 for an 11 week public comment period.

The consultation regulatory impact statement sought feedback on how the Government can reduce the impact of lightweight plastic bags. It focused on the Government’s preferred option, a state-wide ban, and sought stakeholder and community views on the potential impacts and how they would prepare for the proposed changes.

DWER received a total of 4,441 responses during the comment period.

Of the options considered by Government, the responses indicated strong support for a statewide ban on lightweight plastic bags (the Government’s preferred option) and for an education campaign. Maintaining the status quo was strongly opposed, while a levy on plastic bags and voluntary agreements with retailers each attracted some support.

This decision regulatory impact statement confirms the Government’s preferred option, which is to implement a statewide ban.