Nullaki (Wilson Inlet) sandbar opening decision framework (2022)

Overview of the decision framework for opening the sandbar at Nullaki (Wilson Inlet) to manage risks to the ecological and social values of the inlet.
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For more than 100 years the Nullaki (Wilson Inlet) sandbar has been breached (manually opened) to prevent flooding of low-lying areas in the catchment. Following the non-opening in the dry year of 2007, a review of the sandbar opening protocol was completed resulting in an updated protocol.

Since 2007, there have been three more years when the sandbar remained closed, affecting the inlet’s ecology. As a result, we have reviewed the current sandbar opening protocol, as one tool in the management of the inlet’s health in the context of climate change.

In this document we summarise a decision framework for opening the sandbar at water levels lower than 0.7 metres Australian Height Datum (mAHD).

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