Supporting Communities Forum - collaboration working group documents

Corporate report
The Collaboration Literature Review Report and the Collaboration Working Group Project Plan publications support the Forum collaboration working group.
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The documents below include information under the following topics:

Collaboration Literature Review Report

  • Collaboration: What is it and how is it different to partnerships? 
  • Enablers and barriers to collaboration
  • What can be done to address the barriers to collaboration?
  • What are the mechanisms for achieving, maintaining and enhancing collaboration? 
  • Collaboration in Western Australia
  • What are the barriers to collaboration between and within the community services sector and Government in Western Australia? 
  • What could be done to successfully embed a ‘culture of collaboration’ within government agencies and the community services sector in Western Australia? 

Collaboration Working Group - Project Plan

  • Project governance 
  • Stakeholders 
  • Timeframe and milestones 
  • Resources required 
  • Assumptions and risk analysis.