Supporting Communities Forum - collaboration working group documents

Corporate report
The Collaboration Literature Review Report and the Collaboration Working Group Project Plan publications support the Forum collaboration working group.

The documents below include information under the following topics:

Collaboration Literature Review Report

  • Collaboration: What is it and how is it different to partnerships? 
  • Enablers and barriers to collaboration
  • What can be done to address the barriers to collaboration?
  • What are the mechanisms for achieving, maintaining and enhancing collaboration? 
  • Collaboration in Western Australia
  • What are the barriers to collaboration between and within the community services sector and Government in Western Australia? 
  • What could be done to successfully embed a ‘culture of collaboration’ within government agencies and the community services sector in Western Australia? 

Collaboration Working Group - Project Plan

  • Project governance 
  • Stakeholders 
  • Timeframe and milestones 
  • Resources required 
  • Assumptions and risk analysis.




Supporting Communities Forum - Collaboration Literature Review Report March 2019
Supporting Communities Forum - Collaboration Working Group - Project Plan
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