Waste levy exemption 5(2) – Exemption from the requirement to weigh waste on a weighbridge

Fact sheet
Exemption that applies to category 64 and 65 landfills that have a weighbridge.
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Regulation 8 of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Levy Regulations 2008 (WARR Levy Regulations) stipulates that all waste received at a category 64 or 65 licensed landfill with a weighbridge, for disposal to landfill, must be weighed on the weighbridge at the time of delivery.

This fact sheet provides information about Regulation 5(2), which allows licensees of landfills licensed under category 64 or 65 of Schedule 1 of the Environmental Protection Regulations 1987 to claim, by application, an exemption from the requirement under regulation 8 to use a weighbridge to weigh waste that is received for disposal at the landfill.