Waste levy exemption 5(3) – Exemption from the requirement to conduct a quarterly survey

Fact sheet
Exemption for licensees requiring to conduct a quarterly survey.
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Under regulation 10(5) of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Levy Regulations 2008 (WARR Levy Regulations), after the end of a return period, the licensee of a category 63 licensed landfill in the metropolitan region must cause a survey of the landfill premises to be conducted by an appropriately qualified surveyor for the purpose of calculating the volume of waste disposed of to landfill during a return period.

Regulation 10(6) stipulates that a report on the quarterly survey, prepared by the surveyor, must be lodged along with a levy return submitted pursuant to regulation 18 of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Regulations 2008.

This fact sheet provides information on Regulation 5(3) of the WARR Levy Regulations, which allows licensees of category 63 licensed landfills in the metropolitan region to claim, by application, an exemption from the requirement to conduct and lodge a survey as required under regulations 10(5) and (6) in respect of a return period if no waste has been disposed of at the licensed landfill.