Water and Environmental Regulation - Our regulatory approach

Our regulatory approach provides clarity for our stakeholders on what our regulatory responsibilities are, how we undertake our regulatory functions and how they all fit together to achieve water and environmental outcomes for Western Australia.
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Five key strategic directions

We undertake a range of interrelated activities coordinated under five key strategic directions to achieve this vision and mission:

  1. Share responsibility for water and the environment.
  2. Deliver effective legislation and policy.
  3. Be a responsive and credible regulator.
  4. Deliver trusted information, science and evidence-based advice.
  5. Build organisational excellence.

We have a wide range of regulatory responsibilities, from water resource management, environmental protection, waste avoidance and resource recovery to managing legacy contamination.

The document "Our regulatory approach" describes how we will undertake our regulatory responsibilities, what you can expect from us as a regulator and where we will be focusing our regulatory efforts.