Water and Environmental Regulation strategic plan 2018-21

Our strategic plan includes our; vision, mission, strategic directions and values.
Last updated: 18 January 2022
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The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation works to ensure the state’s water resources and environment are healthy and able to support a strong economy and thriving communities, now and in the future.

As a trusted regulator, our clear and consistent decisions help deliver certainty for industry and create transparency for all stakeholders. We deliver a one-stop-shop service to streamline and simplify regulation. We oblige regulated stakeholders to meet their commitments to deliver sound environmental and water-related outcomes.

We enable evidence-based decisions and actions, using expert knowledge from within the department and across our partnerships.

To support whole-of-government outcomes we share information and advice and partner across our network of organisations and people – building the capacity of all sectors to act in ways that enhance our environment and sustainability.

Through this range of approaches we respond to our state’s emerging challenges – climate change, increasing population and urban growth. At the same time we champion opportunities – a strategic approach to waste, a diversifying economy delivering new business prospects and jobs, and water sensitive cities, towns and communities.

Our vision

A healthy environment and secure water resources, valued by all, to support a liveable and prosperous Western Australia.

Our mission

To lead and excel in the sustainable management and protection of Western Australia’s water and environment.

Our strategic directions

  • Share responsibility for water and the environment
  • Deliver effective legislation and policy
  • Be a responsive and credible regulator
  • Deliver trusted information, science and evidence-based advice
  • Build organisational excellence

Our values

logo for the DWER value, we serve to make a difference

We serve to make a difference

What we do and why we do it

  • We are inspired by knowing we are part of something bigger
  • We strive for organisational excellence
  • We serve the public by focusing on sensible, balanced outcomes
  • We engage honestly with our customers
  • We are professionals and stay focused to deliver results
logo for the DWER value, we build trust

We build trust

How we do our work

  • We build trust with the community by being responsive and acting in the public interest
  • We empower and trust our people to make decisions
  • Our work is evidence-based and transparent
  • We are honest, reliable and competent
  • We hold ourselves and each other to account
logo for the DWER value, we care

We care

How we feel about our work

  • We care for customers, each other, the community and environment
  • We are stronger when we respect and support each other
  • We create a safe space to grow
  • We listen and respond to our customers in a helpful way
logo for the DWER value, open minds

Open minds

How we approach our work

  • We embrace new ideas
  • We approach our work with passion, creativity and curiosity
  • We are flexible and seek better ways to do our work
  • We own and are encouraged to learn from our mistakes
  • We are courageous
logo for the DWER value, better together

Better together

How we connect

  • We work inclusively and collaboratively as one team to serve the public
  • We build partnerships to achieve shared goals
  • We value our differences
  • We actively share information and communicate openly
  • We encourage leadership at all levels

Our staff are central to our success and we will continue to create a culture of excellence and leadership, built on strong internal and external relationships. We will be inclusive and open in our interactions, influencing positive and effective change through our information, advice and programs.