Burswood Park Board

Working to establish Burswood Park as the premier family and community park in Perth.
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What we do

Role of the Board

The key objectives of the Burswood Park Board are to:

  • Achieve the highest standards of Park maintenance and management.
  • Promote the Park to Western Australians and visitors to the State as an attractive and accessible venue for active and passive recreation.
  • Provide maximum visitor enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • Ensure that the Park is developed within environmental guidelines that are compatible with, and complementary to, the original environment of the site.
  • Establish the Park as an educational resource for the study of the history and environment of the Burswood site.
  • Maximise the experience of local, interstate and international visitors who visit the Park through the ongoing development and maintenance of Park facilities and attractions, as well as continued support of educational tours and programs.
  • Seek new partnerships with local charity groups to further enhance the Park’s calendar of events and ensure the Board’s ongoing support of Western Australian charities.
  • Work with the community, planning authorities and Local Government to develop local parkland and leisure activities.

Burswood Park Board Members

  • John McGrath (President)
  • Anthony Vuleta
  • Dr Joanna Pearce
  • Chris Melsom
  • John Van Der Wielen

General Manager to the Board

Linda Kut


Ministerial reporting