Concerns for the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person

What to do if you're worried about a child or young person, including how to identify abuse and neglect.
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I'm worried about a child

Where you can go for help if you’re worried a child is unsafe.

Identifying abuse and neglect

How to recognise different types of child abuse and neglect.

Responding to a child disclosing abuse

What to do when a child or young person tells you that he or she is being abused or neglected.

Reporting abuse

For immediate concerns: If you have a life-threatening concern about a child, contact the police on 000.

Concern for a child's wellbeing: If you are concerned about a child's wellbeing, please contact the Central Intake Team on 1800 273 889.

Crisis Care: Crisis Care provides Western Australia’s after-hours response to reported concerns for a child’s safety and wellbeing and information and referrals for people experiencing crisis.

Professional referrals: If you are a professional and want to report a concern about a child, please use the following link: Professional Referral

The Online Referral Portal experienced technical difficulties between 13 July 2023 and 18 July 2023. If you submitted a referral during this period and have not received an automated response confirming receipt, please resubmit your concerns.

Child protection information requests: If you are a professional and wish to make a request for information related to child protection, please use the following link: Child Protection Information Request.

Mandatory reporting

It is a legal requirement in Western Australia for doctors, nurses, midwives, teachers (including TAFE lecturers), police officers, boarding supervisors, ministers of religion, out-of-home care workers, departmental officers of the Department of Communities and assessors appointed under section 125A of the Children and Community Services Act 2004 to report all reasonable beliefs of child sexual abuse to the Department of Communities.