No Wrong Door Approach Co-Design

The Department of Communities is working with the community sector, state and local government agencies and people with lived experience to develop a No Wrong Door approach to homelessness services

The Department of Communities (the Department) released All Paths Lead to a Home: Western Australia’s 10-Year Strategy on Homelessness 2020–2030 (the Strategy) in December 2019, which set out a vision where everyone has a safe place to call home and is supported to achieve stable and independent lives.

Achieving this vision and the outcomes set out in the Strategy requires meaningful change, over a long period of time across the system that impacts people experiencing homelessness. One of the priorities of the strategy is to develop a No Wrong Door approach. As a first step towards implementation of the Strategy, the Department embarked on a process to co-design how a No Wrong Door system is realised, moving from agreed principles into action.

‘No Wrong Door’ means that people can get help regardless of which service or agency they connect with. Currently among sector organisations and individuals, there are different meanings of what a No Wrong Door system looks like in practice. Part of the co-design process has included developing a collective understanding of what a No Wrong Door system means in this context.

The final report, titled ‘Enabling a No Wrong Door System in Homelessness: Proposals from Co-design’ outlines the co-design process, the expectations the system should have for homelessness providers, and other system players, the platforms needed to facilitate the No Wrong Door experience, and the incentives that should be in place to ensure the system builds towards those expectations and experiences.

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Page reviewed 30 June 2021