Buying property or land

Are you buying property in Western Australia?

Use our property buyers' decision tree to see if you qualify for any exemptions, grants or concessions, and which taxes you may be liable for.


Transfer duty

You must pay transfer duty in order to be registered with Landgate as the owner of the Certificate of Title for the property.

Use the duties calculator to estimate the amount of duty payable.

You may be eligible for the residential rate of duty if you are purchasing residential property.


Land tax

Land tax is an annual tax which applies to all properties in Western Australia. There are tax-free thresholds and exemptions which exclude a number of properties from land tax.

Generally, a property used as the owner's principal place of residence is exempt from land tax.

Use the land tax calculator to calculate your liability.


First home owner grant

If you are a new home buyer, you may be eligible for the first home owner grant. You may also be eligible for the first home owner rate of duty if you are purchasing an established home, or building or purchasing a new home.


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Page reviewed 27 September 2019