Capability resources

Access resources related to developing procurement capability in the Western Australian public sector through the contract management capability initiative, procurement competency matrix and the success profile of Chief Procurement Officers.

In addition to the provision of training programs to the Western Australian public sector, the Department of Finance (Finance) provides resources to support agencies build the procurement capability of their staff and agency.

Contract management capability building initiative

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Improving contract management capability across the public sector.

Government is focused on savings and improved outcomes through good practice contract management.

The Department of Finance leads on improving contract management capability across the public sector and has established the Contract Management Interdepartmental Steering Group (CMISG). 

The Steering Group brings together representatives from across the public sector to to identify and implement initiatives for effective contract management practices.
Two sub-committees support the initiative: 

  • Governance and Strategy Sub-committee – supports the strategic value and oversight of the contract management function within agencies
  • Functional Contract Management Sub-committee – supports the operation of the contract management function within agencies

The Department of Finance with the CMISG have also developed a WA Contract Management Framework with supporting Principles that are designed to strengthen good practice contract management within the public sector.  The Principles sit at the heart of the framework and distinguish the different roles agencies and contract managers play when managing government contracts.

Specialised training in contract management is now available for procurement practitioners and the tools and resources available to contract managers now includes a simplified template for low value/low risk contracts.  

As part of the WACMF, the Department of Finance is working on a number of initiatives including:

  • a capability self-assessment tool for contract managers
  • an agency contract management capability benchmarking assessment 
  • a sample executive metrics for contract management
  • a Value/Risk Matrix to assist in the categorisation of contracts
  • various other tools and resources to assist contract managers and agencies in the management of government contracts 

Further information will be published as each of the initiatives are released.

For any queries, ideas or feedback on contract management, including the tools and resources, contact Finance’s Procurement Capability and Development team

Procurement Competency Matrix

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The Procurement Competency Matrix (PCM) is a tool that aligns and supports sector-wide strategies for the procurement workforce.

The Procurement Competency Matrix (PCM) identifies and defines the technical procurement competencies required by procurement professionals in the WA public sector. 

It supports succession planning, staff attraction and retention, capability development, and performance management.

The PCM:

  • promotes a shared understanding of roles, responsibilities and performance expectations of procurement positions
  • provides a consistent capability standards for the professional procurement function across the WA public sector
  • supports managers and staff by providing defined pathways to address capability gaps across teams or individuals

The PCM is co-branded with the Public Sector Commission (PSC) and was developed in conjunction with agencies across the Western Australian public sector.

Chief Procurement Officer Success Profile

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The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) Success Profile is a tool for identifying some of the key expectations, accountabilities and experience necessary for CPOs.

The CPO Success Profile establishes a common understanding and language within and across the Western Australian public sector. The CPO Success Profile is supported by Guidelines for Measuring the Success Profile of CPOsThese guidelines have been developed to support CPO’s to be a key strategic partner and have an impact in their agency and on the procurement function and sector-wide business outcomes.

Page reviewed 4 September 2019